ElenasModels.com Review

ElenasModels.com: is the website created by a dating coach worth your attention?

What comes to your mind when you hear “dating platform Elena’s Models”? Most likely – this question just made you smile and shrug. Well, it’s okay that you have never heard about this website since it doesn’t belong to the world’s most famous international matchmakers. But do only well-known providers deserve your attention? Of course, not! After all, EM was established in the distant 1999. Thus far, it already has more than 20 years of professional experience! Sounds promising, isn’t it?

Another aspect that attracted our interest to this service is its owner. According to the official information, it was created by an online dating coach Elena Petrova. But this good-looking woman doesn’t work all by herself – there are 32 employees in her company at present.

Okay, then, enough general facts about ElenasModels. At this point, we would like to start talking more specifically. Because representatives of our team have tested this platform for a while and are ready to give comprehensive answers to all frequently asked questions. Let’s figure out together: is EM worth your time and money, or not?

First impression

We want to start our Elena’s Models dating service review with the initial impression this service makes.

The first thing that catches the eye is the disproportionally large font size of the main page. Especially compared to the background image – that is almost hidden behind all the lettering. Unfortunately, the EM’s site design could hardly be called modern. It includes the logo itself, so, please, guys, if you read this article now – do something! Sure, we understand you developed all these details a long time ago – still, the help of a specialist would give your platform a fresh coat of paint.

Big orange words “Russian dating” and “Sign up for free” lure new potential users. It’s certainly understandable: more than two million profiles and 22000 communications every day make people have high expectations! As you can see, we love numbers and, therefore, were glad to find another one right on the main page. They say: there are over 140 thousand Elena’s Models girls and men online daily! But let’s not be gullible – it’s wiser to see what happens after the registration before saying wow.

If you scroll the home page of EM a bit down, you can see the random profiles of its female members. They are divided into two categories: new and popular. The gallery search by various criteria is also available. It includes searches by country of residence, profession, etc. We think this feature is really good – because it gives you a chance to find out if there are ladies you find captivating.

Another thing we like about Elena’s Models online dating site is they offer an app for cell phones. You must agree: it is simply essential nowadays. More about it you can read further in the article.

What could motivate you to become a member of the matchmaking service better than the success stories of its former customers? On the EM’s start page – you can see the brightest ones. They all are clickable, so you can open each one to get perfectly inspired on your search.

Fact Elena Petrova is a certified life coach and book writer is beneficial for her platform. You can read all tips and suggestions of this lady for free in her blog, which is regularly updated with new posts.

So, dear friend, do you already want to sign up to ElenasModels? Are you excited about it? Hold your horses for now – keep reading first.