UaDates review Is that what you need to choose? Is that what you need to choose?

The website is a relatively new player in the international dating market. So if you search for the customers’ feedback or reviews on the Internet, there can hardly be anything found. At the same time, over the last six months, our team was swamped with the volumes of emails with the pleas for testing it. Since our goal is to help singles choose the dating platform that meets all their requirements – we couldn’t say no.

In contrast to the matchmaking services we have tested before – while writing a review on the UaDates dating site, we weren’t able to build the expectations upon the opinions of others. And, therefore, it will probably be the most analyzed in-depth check we have ever made. For this reason, dear reader, we are glad to welcome you to find out more about UaDates. Together we will figure out if this newcomer on the dating market is any different from the oldies. As well as highlight its main advantages and disadvantages.

First impression

Our UaDate’s review of the website will be started by describing the first impression this platform gives. After all, it has become a tradition for our team. So, what do you see when you open the main page of this dating service for the first time?

Above all, we should note the perfect color combination. Violet, as the central tone, is associated with magic and mystery. By the way, precisely – these two words are synonyms for attraction for many people. Together with the two additional colors – red and green, this combination makes the site design very pleasing to the eye.

When scrolling the page a bit down, you can see the top female members of the UaDates. You can look through their profiles even without registration. We find this feature nice since it helps to decide whether this service is what you need.

As potential new users, we, of course, wanted to know more about the UaDates dating opportunities. Still, the website’s owners should pay a bit more attention to this section because the descriptions are obviously mixed up.

If you are absolutely new there and don’t have any international matchmaking platform experience – no problem. We advise you to read the instructions on the main page before you sign up to UaDates. It also includes tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

Well, you must agree, the number of dating platforms has plenty of things to learn from these guys (already at this point)!

UaDates women: where are they from?

UaDates women: where are they from?

UaDates brides, as expected, come from various countries of Eastern Europe. It includes Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and etc. On the other hand, with the help of this matchmaking platform, you can meet Slavic women who live abroad, outside the Eastern region of Europe. For example, Turkey, the USA, Argentina, and many more. It means there is a chance to meet a female member of this site even without leaving your country. This is pretty good, especially in the context of the current travel restrictions.

How do you sign up?

How do you sign up to

Notwithstanding the fact, we haven’t found many UaDates dating reviews to get a general impression. Still, we can say with confidence – it won’t be hard to sign up for this platform. How to do this, then?

Once again, the easiest option is to log in with a Facebook account if you have one. In this case, UaDates makes your public data available for all users of the mentioned above social network.

However, if you don’t have a Facebook account – it doesn’t mean you can’t join this dating website. You just need to provide your first name and email address – it won’t take more than a few minutes. After entering a secure password and clicking on the Register button – you become a member of UaDates. login options