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Indian brides: balancing between traditions and emancipation in love and marriage

Indian brides are undeniably powerful, magnetlike personalities. Their beauty celebrated in Bollywood movies can’t leave Western men indifferent. It is, however, not only the charm produced by the film industry – their loveliness catches the eye without tons of makeup on. In fact, you can easily find a woman from India in the crowd – so unusual and fascinating her appearance is.

It is a well-known fact, ladies from this country are absolute family people. But they are very hardworking at the same time. Their honest and loyal souls are the other character highlights that amaze Western guys. Do you understand now why so many international couples, where a wife comes from India, usually live happily ever after till the rest of their lives? Well, the very basic knowledge you have in this regard can’t give answers to all questions. Today we want to correct this mistake and provide the necessary information about Indian girls. You will be surprised to hear how significantly a relationship with one of them can affect your life!

Indian brides: who are they?

If you want to find out who Indian women really are – their character and typical personal qualities need to be studied. After all, it is impossible to build a lasting relationship only on appearance.

Unfortunately, we need to start with the tragic statement concerning the fate of these ladies if they stay in their homeland. In India, even in this day and age, females are often oppressed by men. Violence and home abuse are a part of normality to them. Growing up in such a toxic atmosphere, Indians accept this approach and get used to it.

This probably explains why girls on an average Indian dating site are very reserved and shy. It might seem they try to keep a certain distance in friendship and romance. Don’t take it too personally, though – give your conversationalist time.

However, there is one thing you can learn from Indians. We talk about the high level of inner strength they have. If you can’t get your emotions under control in difficult situations – ask such a lady to teach you. Trust us, with this unique inborn calmness, an Indian woman can become your guru!

As you already know, plenty of things are going wrong in India, especially in the eyes of Western people. And, if you think local ladies must feel depressed because of it all the time – you are wrong. No matter what happens: their zest for life and smile can’t be taken away! They wake up every day, put on their traditional and elegant sarees, and feel happy with what they have. Even if they don’t have much money – it’s okay. Delicious traditional dishes can be made from the simplest ingredients.

Is your mindset similar? Can you appreciate the little things, be grateful for trifles, and don’t take everything in life for granted? If yes – your dream wife surely comes from India!

What will Indian women look like in 2022?

Western men find women from India stunning because of their unique exotic appearance and extraordinary charisma. But what do they look like? What is their beauty standard in 2022?

Indian women for marriage usually have black eyes, slightly dark or golden skin, and shiny raven hair. As a rule, these females are petite and curvy. Another particularity is in their genes – Indians look young even in old age! However, if you want to get the examples – we are willing to provide them! Just google local celebrities and beauty queens, such as Aditi Arya, Noyonika Chatterjee, Nethra Raghuraman, Gauhar Khan, and many more.

The traditional clothing of Indian ladies is an elegant sari. It is generally very colorful and impressive in its style. You can hardly find a girl in India who prefers pastel colors. On the other hand, traditional Indian clothes are not always worn daily. It is an absolute must for celebrations and family occasions, though. Also, even in the metropolises of this country, one will seldom see women dressed in typical Western jeans or mini-sorts.

The additional role of the sari is to reflect the origins of the lady, her religious affiliation, and social status. Necklaces, bracelets, nose rings, and meter-long scarves around the hips are the details that shouldn’t ever be forgotten.

Oh, almost forgotten – a red dot between the eyebrows is considered a beauty mark in this culture and is an element of an everyday outfit.