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Puerto Rican brides: a fantastic combination of Latin-American hotness and the US-mentality

Do you know what tourists usually say when visiting the homeland of hot Puerto Rican brides? It’s the land where US flags can be seen almost everywhere but with the typical Caribbean atmosphere.

Oh yes, this country represents an absolutely different world! It offers its visitors a wealth of breathtaking landscapes, mouthwatering flavor combinations, and exciting experiences. If you take the round trip through Puerto Rico – you won’t be disappointed. From bustling San Juan with its fascinating old town (the legacy of the Spanish conquistadors) to the paradise of nature with untouched beaches and hidden islands. A lot of thrilling adventures await you there.

Puerto Rican brides

By the way, the famous piña colada cocktail comes from Puerto Rico. It is not a widely known fact, but the local Hilton hotel claims this drink was created by its bartender in 1954! However, the poster on the front door of the restaurant Barrachina states it is their masterpiece. Anyway, it’s worth coming to both places and deciding which tastes better, isn’t it?

Another tip in this regard – you can make from piña colada degustation a great rendezvous with a gorgeous local lady. We bet you will be enthusiastic to hear that Puerto Rican girls should definitely be named among the most good-looking around the globe. Did you know that this small Caribbean island has more than five victories in such prominent beauty contests as Miss Universe? Impressive!

Okay, we hope that we’ve stimulated your interest in Puerto Rican singles dating. There is no sense in waiting, then. Let us share with you everything you need to know in this regard.

Puerto Rican brides: who are they?

We don’t want to offend you, but with a high probability – you do not know much about Puerto Rican females. Don’t take it personally – it’s a general tendency. Thus, initially, we like to describe these hotties’ mentality and typical character traits through the prism of the history of their exotic homeland.

If you know some Spanish, the translation of Puerto Rico into English is no secret to you. It was called a “rich port” because of the enormous natural wealth. Therefore, be sure that the ladies from the country of gold mining never lower themselves.

The land is situated on the smallest island of the Greater Antilles. As early as the 16th century, the Spaniards discovered it and realized its strategic value. By the way, Puerto Rico was earlier called the gateway to the new world. But even in this day and age, the Spanish influence prevails there. It could be seen in every tiny detail: from language to the manners of the local women.

An interesting study was conducted by the University of Florida concerning the happiness rate of different nations. According to its results – more than four million Puerto Ricans are the leaders in it. This explains the cheerfulness of the females from this land.

The beautiful women of Puerto Rico are proud of their Spanish roots and US citizenship. Yes, you understood it right – anyone born there is considered an American citizen. That, for sure, brings many benefits. It is even their own representative in the US Congress! The only two disadvantages are: that they cannot participate in the legislative process and in the president’s elections.

Okay, what should you expect when letting such a lady become part of your life? We can assure you – most pleasant things. When the American way of thinking meets a Caribbean joie de vivre – the result is always amazing!

What are Puerto Rican women like in 2022?

According to a study conducted by a famous biologist at the University of California (Berkeley), an average girl from Puerto Rico can be considered genetically perfect. Why did he decide so? The answer is simple: females in this country have multi-ethnic roots. They have African, Spanish, and Taino Indians’ blood in their veins. And, trust us – it’s a fascinating heritage! Let us name you some representatives of this excellence: Jennifer Lopez, Monica Pastrana, Joan Smalls, and Cynthia Olavarria – they all are Puerto Ricans!

As you can see, it’s hard to say these beauties all look similar. We’ll try to say a few words in this respect, though.

Local ladies have marvelous bodies – their sexy curves can leave nobody indifferent. Large hips and big breasts are pretty typical to them. At the same time, Puerto Ricans have captivating appearance traits. Their eyes are usually green or brown, while their hair is dark and wavy. Black eyelashes and brows help these girls look stunning even without makeup. So, be honest now, how can you resist such a woman?

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