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Dating platform RussianCupid is definitely one of the largest international dating sites with Slavic beauties. It comes as no surprise, though – the owner of this website is Cupid Media. The company with the head office in Australia is, without a doubt, one of the major players on the market. Established more than twenty years ago, it has grown into a huge corporation. Cupid Media currently has thirty-three dating sites developed under the unique needs of its clients.

The key strategic point of RussianCupid is first-class services combined with reasonable prices. Well, it wasn’t our opinion, to be honest – but what official sources say. And, actually, if you read everything these guys write about themselves, there is a sense they are the best matchmakers on the Internet. But is that really so? Let’s figure it out together during our comprehensive review.

First impression

Like always – we want to start with the initial impression RC gives to its potential users. And, we can say in advance – it is pretty promising.

The home page of the RussianCupid online dating site is designed in aesthetically pleasing shades. Black, brown, and dusty rose work great together. The white font is perfectly readable on the dark background. Generally, it must be said – the platform’s design is modern, elegant, and attractive. You definitely won’t be irritated by spending your free time chatting there.

The next thing you notice – the RC website was created for a really international audience. Its main features could be translated into many world languages, not only English is offered. It is particularly convenient for European citizens, with their variety of mother-tongues.

What you will, for sure, see next is – the TrustedSite badge. It means services that RussianCupid provides have been certified (namely, its safety). We find it good since the security of the users is often neglected by many dating websites nowadays. How this works in reality – we will examine later in this article.

If you scroll the home page down, you can find the testimonials of former platform members. There are 64 of them – you can read them all if you like. It won’t take much time, though – since RussianCupid reviews these people have written are rather short.

Below the testimonials are placed the basic instructions on how to use the platform. According to them, three simple steps are enough. Okay, we’ll have a chance to check it later in our RussianCupid’s review…

But what are we actually waiting for? Let’s see how RC works from the inside!

RussianCupid women: where are they from?

We guess you won’t be shocked to hear that – but still. Female members of the RussianCupid platform come from the Russian Federation. Also, through RC, you can meet singles from English-speaking countries (such as the USA or UK) with Russian roots.

According to official representatives of this website, the gender ratio of users is beneficial for males. Namely, it consists of seventy percent of ladies and only thirty percent of men. So, most likely, you won’t have trouble finding a conversationalist for a romantic chat.


Kamilla, 26
Country: Ukraine , Kyiv
Ekaterina, 29
Country: Russia , Arkhangelsk
Ekaterina, 23
Country: Russia , Krasnodar
Anastasia, 32
Country: Russia , Krasnodar
Evgeniya, 38
Country: Ukraine , Odessa
Anya, 27
Country: Ukraine , Kharkiv
Karina, 35
Country: USA , Los Angeles
Nelli, 47
Country: USA , Atlanta
Anna, 30
Country: USA , Los Angeles
Yurani, 36
Country: Colombia , Bogotá
Catalina, 25
Country: Colombia , Cartagena
Gaukar, 36
Country: Kazakhstan , Almaty
Julia, 37
Country: Ukraine , Kyiv
Elena, 37
Country: Ukraine , Dnipro
Julia, 23
Country: Ukraine , Lviv
Xenia, 30
Country: Russia , Moscow
Victoria, 24
Country: Ukraine , Kyiv
Anastasiia, 31
Country: Ukraine , Dnipro
Maria, 27
Country: Russia , Moscow
Angelina, 31
Country: Ukraine , Zaporizhia

How do you sign up?

If you want to sign up to RussianCupid, you need to look carefully at the site’s home page. Customarily, dating agencies try to make the registration form as easy to find as possible. That is, however, not the case with RC.

It’s not clear what the website’s developers were driven by, but you can become a member by clicking on the View Singles Now button. After that, you will finally be redirected to the entry form.

The information you need to give is pretty standard. It’s your first name, age, gender, and gender of your desired partner. This suggests that the RussianCupid dating site is gay-friendly.

Of course, your email address is required, too – just like thinking up a secure password. When you are ready, hit the View Singles Now button once again. And, that’s all – you can start setting up your profile.

How do you set up your profile?

As mentioned in various RussianCupid dating site reviews, setting up your profile there will take time. In fact, these guys have the longest questionnaire we have seen so far! But first things first, since at the beginning – you need to figure out where this feature is.

So, if you take a look at the top right side of the screen, you can see your mini-avatar picture. Click on it to start editing your profile.

The initial information placed in the Your Basics section is already filled out. It consists of what you have already shared about yourself during the registration to RussianCupid website. Your country, state, and the city will be determined automatically.

Your Appearance section suggests telling RussianCupid girls about your appearance. It is pretty detailed, so don’t worry if you don’t have any attractive photos to upload. Your hair and eye color, height, weight, and body type could be noted there. Unusual questions concern your body art and estimation of how handsome you are. The wording in respect of ethnicity is pretty strange… Correct us if we are wrong, but how can someone be “mostly” Arab or Pacific Islander?

When using RussianCupid, be ready to tell many details about your lifestyle. There are additional questions among the common ones (like attitude towards drinking and smoking). You will need to say a few words about your children and pets. Then – it comes to lots of points about your career and plans for the future. To be honest, this section gives a feeling of applying to a new job rather than searching for love… A similar impression gives the part with your Background Information.

At the bottom of this questionnaire – you will get a chance to share all additional information you like. You can write your profile heading, a little about yourself, and a few sentences about your dream partner. RussianCupid recommends taking the whole stage seriously because it increases the probability of making other members interested to know you better.

Main features

In this part of our RussianCupid dating service review, we want to focus on the main features of this platform. Let’s see what these guys offer!

On the top of the user page, you can see nine buttons. The first one with the number shows which members are currently online. The button Matches redirects you to potential girlfriends. However, to make it work – you will need to share what you are looking for in the corresponding tab after editing your profile. When clicking on the Search – you get access to an advanced search with many criteria. RussianCupid messaging is hidden behind the same-named button. If you hit the one named Activity, you can see who has given you her likes, as well as the list of your favorites. The ladies who have viewed your profile may be found under the Activity button, either.

The large green tab Upgrade Now suggests that you become a paid member. The next one with the globe icon reminds you that Cupid Media is a huge corporation and recommends not to limit your love search to only one website.

When talking about RussianCupid features, we can’t forget to mention these two. Your profile on this website can have tags. You can either choose from those they already have or think up a few words that describe you best of all. Do this to make it easier for other singles to find you among two million RC users. Also, you can get more attention from the ladies by verifying your profile. To become a trusted dater, you need to upload a picture of your ID card, driver’s license, or passport.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

For sure, you want to use RussianCupid to connect with women. But how can you find those you like most of all?

Initially, it is advisable to use the basic search available on the home page. This one has only standard criteria, which include – gender, age, country, state, city, and search radius.

For better results, you definitely need to be more specific. You can, of course, use the Matches feature and determine potential conversationalists through the criteria offered there. Or, you can simply turn to the Advanced search.

In this case, plenty of additional points will be added. For example, the acquaintance’s purpose, appearance, lifestyle, and background of the girls. You can save your search to use it as many times as you need.

As mentioned in our RussianCupid’s review of the website, it makes sense to use tags in your search.

If you don’t know what you want yet – pay attention to Popular Searches suggestions. Then, you will have at least something to start with.

How do you communicate?

If you have already read what other people write in their RussianCupid dating reviews, you know one distinctiveness about communication on this site. For those who don’t know yet – we’ll explain. Simply said, the more expensive membership you buy – the more opportunities you get. The users with Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status can talk with all members. While Standard customers can chat only with those singles who have paid. Also, Platinum and Diamond users can get their messages to be translated.

There are only two communication ways on RC: letters and instant messaging. It is usual for the international dating industry and doesn’t really differ from what Golden Bride offers. Letters work as a routine email box with standard folders. The same goes for chatting, so we won’t devote much time describing it.

Does RussianCupid have a mobile app?

At this point, we have good news for the owners of Android-operated cell phones since they can download the official RussianCupid app right away. Still, those who have iPhones shouldn’t see a reason to be delighted now. Because these guys will need to use their laptops all the time. Also, we haven’t found any announcement that it will be presented one day soon…

What does a free membership offer?

As soon as your profile on RussianCupid is finally set up – you can start making the first steps on the way to your happiness. But is it possible without paying money?

And, as usual, it’s not much… Above all, as a Standard member, you can communicate only with those RussianCupid women who have already paid. So, obviously, in this case, you are not absolutely free in choosing with whom to talk. And unfortunately, you can forget about using instant messages. The only opportunity available is emails, which is not really beneficial due to many factors.

Two more features available without the membership purchase are Likes and Basic Matching. Therefore, we can’t say you can meet your love through RC without paying a penny.

What does a paid membership offer?

First, we want to remind you that paid members on are divided into three categories, according to the subscription price. Yes, you understood right – RC suggests you don’t pay for each service separately – they want you to pay for the membership in general.

Let’s start with the cheapest one, it’s named Gold.

In the present case, in addition to standard features, you get a few extra ones. For example, you can communicate with all RussianCupid brides, notwithstanding their status on the site. Also, you can not only send/receive letters – but talk in chat too. Pretty appealing seems the opportunity to hide your profile and browse your potential matches anonymously. The annoying third-party ads will be turned off, then.

The next option is – the Platinum one.

It’s logical – Standard and Gold services are included in this package. But what else? You can rank your profile above other RussianCupid profiles – it significantly increases your chances of being found by the right person. Just like the fact you will double your profile space. Advanced matching algorithms help not to stand idly by. And, when the perfect match is determined – experts will translate all messages into your language.

Okay, what is so special about the Diamond one, then?

As you guess, it includes Standard, Gold, and Platinum features – just like four additional ones. All your messages will be prioritized, and your profile will appear first in the RussianCupid search. Moreover – it will be somehow highlighted! Premium customer service will give you assistance 24 hours/7 days a week.

Generally, prices on RussianCupid couldn’t be called cheap. Although, the longer the subscription period you buy is – the greater discount you get. For instance, the 12-months membership helps save 68% from the original price.

Customer support

Dating site RussianCupid offers two kinds of assistance: the basic and the premium ones. The second option is available only for Diamond members, though. All other users need to be thankful for small mercies, namely – the typical Contact Us form.

In the beginning, RC recommends searching for the answer to your question among existing articles. If you can’t find what you need there – click the Contact Us button.

In the corresponding form – you will need to choose what kind of issue you exactly have. Then, enter the subject and description – don’t forget to attach a file if it could be helpful. However, don’t expect to get a prompt response. As it was stated in our RussianCupid site review – as a user with a free membership, you won’t be prioritized by the platform’s administration.

Security and safety

Is it the first dating site review from our team you read? If not – you already know what we are going to say. It is absolutely necessary to read the Terms of Use agreement before deciding to join each particular platform! RC is no exception here. Are you already curious about what we have found?

The first thing that made us worry comes almost at the beginning of terms and conditions. For instance, the section describes that the website doesn’t undertake background checks or verify information provided by users. It means only those members who confirm their identities by their own wish are safe conversationalists. So, let it be your responsibility – simply don’t reply to even the most beautiful ladies without a green checkmark.

After you have joined RussianCupid and chosen the subscription plan, keep in mind that your membership will be auto-renewed. If you want to avoid unnecessary payments – cancel auto-renewal, following instructions, right away.

And, one more matter that should definitely be mentioned in this part of our review on the RussianCupid dating site. When becoming an RC member, you agree that your personal information is not confidential anymore. It includes not only your photos or information from your profile – but also your full name, postal address, and telephone number! After clicking “I agree,” – you let these guys use all they have about you for their own purposes. By the way, your video and audio recordings may be used as well – so better be careful with what you say or do. Although, due to the fact you are the person solely responsible for the content of your profile – it shouldn’t definitely be all true…

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